We all know what mistletoe is, especially in Bend where it grows on Juniper trees more than juniper berries. But this is about mistleTOES…

To celebrate the upcoming holidays and add a custom touch to your monthly pedicure & manicure, add on MistleTOES! Our staff can take your nails to the next level, adding layers and custom art (snowflakes, trees, holly––or glitter and matte/glossy combinations) to one nail for a dash of festive, or all of 1o (if you please).

5-mins per digit, $2 – $5 per digit (depending on detail)

Click here to browse some of the inspiring holiday nail art we’ve found on Pinterest to discover your style. Then call (541-241-8454) or go online (bit.ly/schedulebliss) to book your MistleTOE Pedicure or Manicure.

Special begins: November 28 through January 2016.