Anjou is your wellness destination! Our lives are busy and using therapeutic and naturally-derived products keep your mind and body safe and sound. If you are looking for organic products, we have sniffed out the best ones for your face, body and well-being.

Check by and stop by the spa often; we update our boutique with seasonal offerings!

We carry:

Eminence Organic Skin Care
CosMedix Skin Care
Sweet Dreams heat wraps and eye pillows
DANI Naturals candles & body care
LeCol’s shea butter soaps
DoTerra essential oils 

We sell DoTerra organic essential oils and other home use products. Do you know about aromatherapy? We do! And we believe in its benefits so much, we created Bend’s first Aromatherapy Bar. When you book a massage, your therapist will help you select an essential oil that suits the benefits you are seeking and it will be used in your service…for no extra price! We want your experience at Anjou to be as therapeutic as possible…Learn more about aromatherapy here…

Essential oil options include:

for digestion support
for detox
for relaxation
for calming skin
for soothing sore muscles
for easier breathing
for lymphatic support
for mood enhancement