Bend’s New Secret Pastime – Hot Sand Sauna Room

Hot Sand Sauna? Yes please.

But wait, what is a hot sand sauna? And how do you use it? What do I expect?

Korean-inspired, this unique amenity comes complete with infrared heat above, radiant floor heated sand below, bamboo mats, a fiber optic starry night sky, poplar wood walls, a naturally detoxifying charcoal dream catcher––all complete with rotating, soothing nature-scape sounds.

Not your typical sauna, right? Imagine the heat of the sun: bone-infusing, relaxing, comfortable heat warming your body. Now couple it with a darkened room, relaxing sounds and the therapeutic effect of warm sand underneath you. Infrared heat produces heat waves that heat you, rather than the air, creating a breathable, non-flushed heat experience.

Oregon beach sand warms beneath you, use of poplar wood cladding minimizes allergens and the beautiful macrame charcoal art hanging on the wall was made by the local artist, Ondine. Inspired by many, Anjou Spa’s owner articulated this unique space, first of its kind in Oregon, just for you.

We recommend using the Hot Sand Sauna before massage to warm up the soft tissue, or really any time before or after a service. Benefits include: reducing pain and stiffness, promoting circulation, reducing blood pressure, raising metabolism, detoxifying.

Read on for instructions on how to enjoy the Hot Sand Sauna.

“How-To” Hot Sand Sauna 

  1. Please limit conversation.
  2. Co-ed sauna, please wear robe or clothing.
  3. Pillow and towel provided.
  4. Drinks not allowed.
  5. Close door behind you.
  6. Do not turn on lights. Allow eyes to adjust.
  7. Do not sit in front of door.
  8. Recline on floor. Bench is available.
  9. Temperature is 120-140°F. 15-30 mins recommended.
  10. Stand slowly to avoid dizziness.
  11. Floor is made of sand and will not be level.

Q & Answers

Q: Why don’t I sweat as much as the steam room? A: In this Hot Sand Sauna, we use infrared heat above and radiant floor heating to warm up the sand. So, you’ll gently warm your body with less sweating and loss of minerals.

Q: Can I take my water and/or alcoholic beverage into the sand room with me? A: Please do not take beverages inside, but do hydrate before and after Hot Sand Sauna use. There’s a table out front of the room with lemon water and glasses––enjoy!

Q: Is it okay to use Hot Sand Sauna after my facial? (will it enhance or take away from treatment/peel/masks, etc?) A: Yes.

Q: Can I turn the light on? A: No.

Q: Is it okay to use the sand room after my pedicure? A: Yes. Given that we use 5-free non-toxic nail products as a Healthy Nails Salon, you are welcome to use the Hot Sand Sauna after your pedicure.

Q: Is it co-ed? A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to book a service to experience the Hot Sand Sauna? A: This amenity is complimentary when visiting us for a booked service. However, any guest can visit the Hot Sand Sauna and Steam Room for $20.

If you haven’t been inside our new spa yet, book a treatment. Or, join us for our Grand Re-Opening December 19th from 4 pm until 8 pm with libations, gonging ceremonies, and mini-spa treatments. Cheers! -Anjou

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