Seasonal Specials

Mama Glows Best

Available May 1

Red Light Treatment & Paraffin Hand Treatment in Zen Den, & Aqua Facial with facial cupping
$155 member upgrade, $280 non-member

Experience 20 minutes of pure relaxation in our new Zen Den with a soothing red light treatment and a luxurious paraffin hand treatment before diving into our 60-minute Aqua Facial. Designed to combat Bend’s dry climate, this facial removes dead skin layers, deeply cleans pores, and improves texture while hydrating skin. Using water dermabrasion diamond tips for double exfoliation and deep extractions, revealing new cells and flushing pores of buildup and bacteria. Ultrasonic infusion ensures serums penetrate deeply, while Cryo Tightening tightens pores, smooths, and tones for radiant skin. Lastly, the client receives a firming facial cupping massage. It’s the ultimate spa indulgence for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Special: Sweet Renewal

Available May 1

Massage & Body Scrub, 100 mins + 20 min steam
$125 member upgrade, $250 non-member

This Mother’s Day, celebrate Mom with Anjou Spa’s Sweet Renewal. Our luxurious two-hour treatment pampers her with gentle exfoliation, a hydrating masque, and a therapeutic massage. From revealing radiant skin to promoting overall well-being, it’s a holistic experience designed to make her feel truly cherished. Our expert therapists guide her through each step, ensuring relaxation and confidence throughout. Whether she’s in need of stress relief or skin rejuvenation, our Sweet Renewal is the perfect gift. Book now and treat Mom to an unforgettable spa experience that will leave her feeling refreshed, revitalized, and utterly pampered.