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Massage + Detox

Couple's Massage

60 min/90 min, $245 /$325
$30/$98 member upgrade
**BOOKING TIP** For online booking, select “Group Appointments” and then put TWO couple’s massages in your cart. If cart doesn’t add up to $245 or $325, the second person needs to be added.

Relax alongside your sweetheart or bestie. Customized to what your body needs most, this service includes hot towels and heated stone accents that melt tight muscles and soothe busy minds. Includes chocolate and bubbly. 90-min includes foot scrub.

For a fabulous experience, book the Anjou Affair in our well-appointed Sanctuary Suite. Includes foot soak, steam and hot sand sauna. Read more here.

Vacuum Vitality Massage

60 min/90 min, $140 /$175
$30/$58 member upgrade

This machine-assisted massage is so unique and relieving, we believe it will be perfect for anyone who is looking for muscle tension relief, detoxification, and the gentle breaking up of muscle adhesions. Isolated focuses on the IT band, trapezoid, neck, and hamstrings will bring relief to tight areas. Manually-controlled suction is applied throughout the massage, stimulating blood flow and drawing out toxins. This powerfully therapeutic massage may leave you a bit woozy at the end, so plan on staying hydrated throughout the day! Cellulite-smoothing is not available on the 90-min. massage due to exposure to excessive detoxing at one time.

Read more about this unique massage here.


60 min, $115 / 90 min, $155

Our custom relaxation massage treatment is truly for everybody. Guided by your current needs, this custom service includes hot stone accents, hot towels, foot cream, and aromatherapy. Our 90-min includes an exfoliating stone crop foot scrub.


60 min, $130 / 90 min, $165
$20 / $50 member upgrade

Our custom sports massage focuses on site-specific musculoskeletal issues. Modalities may include: deep tissue, myofascial treatment and pressure point therapy. Includes cupping and your choice of pain-relieving topicals: CBD or Arnica. Caution: bruising may appear post-service from cupping. Cellulite-smoothing is not available on the 90-min. massage due to exposure to excessive detoxing at one time.

Mother Love

60 min, $125
$18 member upgrade

Pregnancy brings changes to the body that require a delicate touch. Let us assist in dissolving daily aches and pains with hot towels and pregnancy-safe essential oils in a full body relaxation-focused massage.  You (and your little one) will leave feeling relaxed and ready.

For optimal safety, we advise against receiving this service until after the first trimester of pregnancy (12 weeks). If you wish to book this service before 12 weeks, please call to inquire as limited providers will perform this service before this time.

Your provider’s modality may vary based on their individual training. Please reach out to us if you have any specific requests regarding massage techniques used. Must call to book. 


Add these services at the time of booking to boost results and enhance your spa experience.

(New!) Japanese Facial Massage Add-In

$25  / $22.50 member 

Japanese facial massage helps with lymphatic drainage, TMJ disorder, anxiety, depression, mental health, PTSD, headaches, and migraines! This add-in incorporates soothing massage to the shoulders, neck, face, hair, and ears and is trigger point therapy. Hair oil treatment and CBD oil included! 

*This add-in treatment does not add extra treatment time*

Cellulite Smoothing

$60  / $50 member 

Vacuum pressure from cups target cellulite promoting the breakdown of fat cells and mobilization, leading to a smoother appearance. Choose legs or abdomen target areas.

For stubborn areas (hard cellulite is present) and if more corrective action needed, we recommend the series of 6 priced at $50/session = $300. You can book these as a stand-alone visit M-Thurs. Recommended frequency is 1x/week. Please inquire welcomedesk @ for this package to purchase

Deep Tissue

$18  / $16 member 

Deep tissue focuses prolonged pressure of your muscle fiber’s inner layers and connective tissue, or fascia, and breaks up adhesions or “knots” that are causing discomfort. (Important note: deep tissue does not always mean “more pressure”).


$18  / $16 member

Hot stone accents provide soothing relief to sore muscles and can assist in further relaxation and therapeutic goals.


$15 / $12 member

Substitute massage cream with an organic pain-relieving CBD massage oil. *Not available if pregnant.


$18 / $16 member

Cupping uses negative pressure to break up adhesions, soften connective tissues, induce relaxation, and, most importantly, relieve pain. This ancient therapeutic tool increases circulation and releases toxic build-up in impacted areas.  Caution: light bruising may appear post-service.

Dry Brushing

$20 / $16 member

Dry brushing sheds dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and brighter skin, while improving overall circulation and lymphatic drainage to relieve fluid retention  and puffiness, and increase immunity. Includes receiving your own natural-bristle brush for continued use at home.

Hair & Scalp Revitalizer

$25 / $20 member

A must for Bend’s dry climate. Transforms hair and scalp and promotes hair growth with a powerful serum blend suited for all hair types. Profoundly relaxing while hydrating your hair.