Enjoy 30 minutes of time in both of our saunas. You may book a solo session or book a group session of up to 3 (up to 3 people total may use the sauna at one time)

Members are given a complimentary visit to the steam room and sauna per month, used in the same visit. Additional Member visits are $5 per attending member. Non-Member visits are $20 with up to 3 people attending.

Saunas are not recommended for pregnant women.

Hot Sand Room

30 min, $5 or included per member/ $20 non-member (price includes both steam & sauna)

Inspired by traditional Korean ondols (warm floors), our sand room heats up to between 120° to 140°F using far infrared heat. Waves permeate deep into the body, raising core body temperature and improving blood flow, muscle recovery, and overall immunity.

Aromatic Steam Room

30 min, $5 per member/ $20 non-member (price includes both steam & sauna)

Hydrate your tissues, open up your lungs, and alleviate inflammation at therapeutic temperatures between 100° to 110°F, with steam of eucalyptus aromatherapy.