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Covid-19 Policies and Procedures for Anjou Spa Guests

Anjou Spa COVID-19 Policies and Procedures: 

updated 6/15/20

As we re-open Anjou Spa, we wanted to make you aware of the new COVID-19 policies and procedures we have created in order to keep our staff, guests and community safe. 

We have the following new procedures in place for guests. 

  1. Booking an appointment is currently request only; this allows us to book appointments with social distancing and more time between appointments for cleaning. When booking we will ask to provide 100% deposit to ensure contactless payment during check-out (if you need to cancel, the deposit will be fully refundable).
  2.  Amenities: Our showers and steam room are currently closed however, the Infrared Hot Sand Sauna ($20) can be booked as a solo 20-min visit or service add-on. Spa Members can add an infrared sauna visit for $5.
  3. Fill out the new digital intake form before arrival (either at home, or in your vehicle before entering the Spa). This form will be emailed to you when you make your appointment. View and sign waivers and intakes here; you will need to fill out a new waiver form even if you have recently filled one out, and an intake form for your service so that we can see what’s been going on with you while we’ve been shelter-in-place!
  4. A mask is required for all guests. If you do not have a mask, Anjou Spa will provide one.  We will have masks available for purchase as well.
  5. When you arrive, Let the staff know you’ve arrived by texting or calling us and wait for your name to be called outside. If you can’t wait in your car, practice social distancing from other guests and spa staff by staying 6′ away.


  6. When your treatment is ready to begin, we will call your name using a chalkboard sign. Please notice we have a new foot opener installed on our front door! No need to touch the door handle.

  7. Anjou Spa Staff will then take your temperature and ask you a few health screening safety questions.
    Your temperature must be below 100.4 degrees to receive treatment. If you cannot pass, we will have to charge a sick cancellation fee and you will need to be rescheduled after 72 hours of no symptoms.

  8. Your service provider will then lead you back to a treatment room. Please allow staff to open the room door for you.
  9. We ask that you do not use the locker room except for the sinks and toilets. Remove clothing in the treatment room (there is a tub for your clothing) and lay down on the table with your mask still on. Your service provider will knock on the door to confirm you are ready for them to enter.

  10. Your service provider will be wearing a mask the entire time during your treatment.

  11. At the end of your treatment, your service provider will leave the room to allow you to dress.
  12. If possible, please knock on the door when you are ready and they will open the door for you. This is to prevent the need to touch door handles.
  13. Upon leaving, they will hand you a small gift of tea and snacks to enjoy at home.

  14. You are prepaid, so please let the Welcome Desk know if you’d like to leave a tip. If you’d like to buy retail, you may purchase ahead of time through our online store, or allow the staff to handle the product for you if purchasing after your appointment. Samples, testers and jewelry need assistance for handling please request at Welcome Desk.

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