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Adopt-A-Caregiver Program

Adopt-a-Caregiver Program at Anjou Spa!


Anjou Spa is pleased to announce the start of our Adopt-a-Caregiver program. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began here in March, our frontline healthcare workers and hospital staff have fought for all of us. They’ve worked long hours and have sacrificed their own well-being, safety, and time with their families to keep us safe and healthy. We want to give back to these brave professionals, and you can help!


Caregivers’ hard work takes a toll on their mental and emotional health, along with causing tired backs, legs, feet, dry faces (from PPE), and skin. Since they can’t visit us, we’re setting some of them up with care baskets full of skincare and body care products such as cleansers, masques, moisturizers, muscle relief, massage oil, fascia release tools, and balms to use at home for alleviating sore muscles and dry skin. Profiled caregivers also receive one-on-one Zoom consultations from our estheticians and massage therapists to instruct them on how to best apply products for maximum relief and self-care. These care baskets are valued at $500+ dollars each. Your donations help us make more care baskets for more caregivers.

Let’s introduce you to our first two Caregivers!

Our first two recipients of care packages will go to Paige McAndrews from the Human Resources team at St. Charles Health System and Jenny Wienert, an RN at the Madras hospital for 33 years who is now a house supervisor. When the pandemic began, Paige saw her role change as she began working with the COVID-19 response team, which included creating visitor and employee screening stations, staffing employee health and wellness teams, and redeploying caregivers throughout the hospital to assist in newly-needed tasks including cloth mask making and delivering packages to patients from family members who were unable to visit. 

Paige adopt-a-caregiver donations

Paige helps with logistics around screening stations and newly needed tasks like cloth mask making and deliveries for those unable to visit patients at St. Charles.

Jenny adopt-a-caregiver donations anjou spa

Jenny starts each workday at 4:30 a.m., and the long days as a house supervisor don’t allow her much time or energy to take care of herself or her skin and body needs. When she gets a minute she tries to squeeze in a hike with friends.

These are just a couple of the courageous caregivers we will provide care packages to in the months ahead. You can help out by buying an online gift card here. Choose the “Adopt-a-caregiver” template and email to “info”. Directions are here. You may also donate in-person upon checkout at Anjou by adding a few dollars to your order. All donations will go toward care packages and consultations. Our most generous contributors will have their names displayed on our ‘Wall of Caring’ at the spa! Please give today so we can say ‘thank you’ to those who have given so much to us during this pandemic, and to let them know we have their backs as much as they have ours.

How are they chosen?
Adopted caregivers are selected through St. Charles’ ACTS of Excellence: Accountability, Caring, Teamwork and Safety program, in which hospital employees nominate co-workers for exemplary performance that positively impacts their team or patients at the hospital. Anyone can be nominated, including support staff, administrators, outpatient and inpatient caregivers, leaders and more. A committee then reviews the nominations in order to select the employees who will receive donated items.


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