Spring specials at Anjou Spa for wellness and detox

As we emerge out of a long winter and quarantine, Anjou Spa is here to support you with refreshing treatments designed for spring. 

Anjou Therapeutic Massage

The sun is shining, numbers are dropping, and bodies are ready to come out of hiding. Spring into wellness with Anjou’s Therapeutic Massage: a focused session complete with cupping, CBD topical, and deep tissue pressure to dust off stagnation and promote the detox of long-held toxins. Best paired with a refreshing walk by the river and your bottle of water after.

Before you go, pick up your own jar of Magsoothium’s cooling CBD cream and take the incredible healing effects with you. This particular CBD cream is really flying off our shelves!

Want more? Book a pre-massage session in our locally famous Sand Room. This unique infrared sauna that will warm and detox your body from the inside out as you relax on the sand floor gazing at stars above. This session is very complimentary prior to any massage, as it relaxes the body and allows the massage treatment to achieve deeper release & relaxation.

Calming Spring Facial: 

If you’ve been feeling a little stuffed up after all this quarantine, or just in need of a reset button, we have a facial just for you. Our Calming Spring Facial addresses puffy facial areas and offers two kinds of facial massage for drainage and plumping. First, relax with a double oil cleanse with CBD oil cleanser from Code of Harmony. Next, we exfoliate with CBD Acidelic Micro Polish on face, neck and decollete. A chilled gel masque is then applied while you receive a relaxing massage on neck and shoulders. This is followed by a lymphatic drainage facial with plumping massage techniques so you leave looking fresh! 

As we finish up your facial with additional Code of Harmony CBD products, your gua sha tool will be chilled and ready for you. After a final moisturizer is applied according to your skin’s needs, we’ll perform the cooling and sculpting massage and you’ll re-emerge into the world ready for a fresh start! 

Want to level up this facial? Add on an LED Nap. The blue light from the LED will help to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and soothe inflammation. Then the red light boosts collagen and assists in skin recovery. 




      1. Anjou Therapeutic Massage 60 min $115 / 90 min $150  
        Our customized therapeutic massage focuses on site-specific musculoskeletal issues and includes tools such as topical CBD, cupping therapy, and deep-tissue pressure.
    1. Calming Spring Facial 50 min $115 
      Banish puffiness, inflammation and target fine lines, this facial includes CBD oil cleansing, exfoliation with Acidelic Micro Polish, and chilled gel eye masque. Lymphatic drainage massage and a cold gua sha stone massage followed by CBD Toning mist and serums. CBD products from Code of Harmony.