Vacuum Vitality massage performed on client
Our Newest Massage: Machine-assisted Suction, Detox & Relief



NEW SERVICE available June 15th!

60/90 mins, $140/$175 / member upgrade +$30/$58

This machine-assisted massage is so unique and relieving, we believe it will be perfect for anyone who is looking for muscle tension relief, detoxification, and the gentle breaking up of muscle adhesions. Isolated focuses on the IT band, trapezoid, neck, and hamstrings will bring relief to those tight areas. Manually-controlled suction is applied throughout the massage to address these tight areas and detoxify the entire body.

Both suction and cupping are used to address muscle tension relief in chronically-tight areas as well as ongoing trouble spots that need attention. The massage is a hybrid of both massage and machine-assisted suction. You’re encouraged to have a tabletop dialogue with the licensed massage therapist on suction pressure and troubled spots. And of course, spa touches such as warmed massage oil, aromatherapy and hot towels are included.

Ideal applications are:
1) Relieving chronically tense muscle groups or muscles,
2) Adhesions that are better addressed with a lifting action than pressing down (massage),
3) Full-body lymphatic drainage,
4) Post-surgery tissue that needs breaking up (may take more than one visit)

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of this nonstop-suction massage, a transformative treatment that stimulates the skin’s blood flow, enhances the skin’s biomechanical properties, elevates pain thresholds, promotes local anaerobic metabolism, reduces inflammation, and fortifies cellular immunity, leaving you feeling revitalized from head to toe. Caution! It’s so euphoric, you may be a little light-headed after the service.


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