Bikini + Leg Waxing Bundles – Summer Savings!

Get Smooth Skin this Summer – 10% off Bikini Bundles


Available all through August.

10% off  / 15% off members
Full leg + Bikini: $115
1/2 leg + Bikini: $95

Summertime is here in Central Oregon! It can be a struggle dealing with unwanted hair and sometimes shaving just doesn’t cut it! Waxing is a great alternative that gives wonderful results, it’s quick, easy and affordable.

Some of the benefits of waxing are: 

  • Skin stays smooth for 3-4 weeks.
  • If consistent, hair will thin over time.
  • Exfoliates skin for added softness.


Let’s talk, bikini waxing!

There are several different types of bikini styles to choose from starting with minimal removal up to removing all the hair.

  • Regular bikini – Removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit line.
  • Extended bikini – Removes hair from the sides of the bikini area and leaves a “landing strip”.
  • French bikini – Deep bikini leaving “landing strip”, includes bumm strip (between the cheeks).
  • Brazilian – All hair is removed front to back.


The Difference:
At Anjou Spa you can expect a less painful experience then your regular waxing salon. We use a gentle antibacterial wax that is customizable to your skin’s sensitivity.

High-frequency kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and mitigates future in-grown hairs. Specialized post-wax products are applied to calm the skin and minimize redness. Our providers are trained to give you the best possible waxing experience with added spa touches.

Pro Tips:
For best results avoid the following 12 hours before & after waxing: hot showers, saunas, tanning/sun exposure, vigorous exercise, and exfoliation. Lastly, we recommend you wear loose clothing to your appointment.


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