The pandemic has brought so many challenges to our lives, but also opportunities. The opportunity to expand next door came suddenly in early Fall and Anjou recognized a gap in the market to serve the growing needs of our community: a one-stop facility focused on all facial elements — brows, lashes and skincare.

In addition, wearing masks all the time brought us new focuses on personal services: brows and lashes pop and provide non-verbal communication … why not make them as beautiful as they can be? But what about one’s skin? Oh the journey your skin has gone on! Nine months of being home and wearing a mask constantly has created a lot of deferred maintenance along with new skin concerns. This Central Oregon climate does not help!

Hence, Anjou FACE Studio was born, a facility focusing on relaxation and beautiful surroundings where professionals gather and provide treatments ranging from noninvasive to aggressive, depending on your need. We are not considered a medi-spa as we do not offer chemical peels or lasers. Our focus is on wellness, prevention, maintenance, and beauty, offering you a place of expertise for re-occurring services that you desire.


We have partnered with Bend Brows and Divine Aesthetics and Wellness, who will join us in the FACE Studio to offer microblading, powdering, microneedling, Botox injectables, and Vitamin B injections. Both practitioners are registered nurses and will provide their own appointment scheduling and checkout services. Please use Anjou’s website to direct you to their booking sites; Anjou staff cannot book appointments on their behalf but will be happy to facilitate and assist with any booking or arrival matters!

New Services
Anjou esthetics is stepping up their game, as well. We are bringing on nano needling services, lashes, and oxygen therapy. We have also added a Guassage facial that uses fascia release techniques while naturally exfoliating skin and draining lymphatic nodes. This is an incredibly relaxing facial, providing scalp and facial muscular relief along with rehydrating your skin and removing congestion and dry skin cells, along with addressing specific skin concerns through your aesthetician’s expert eye.

What else? Brow lamination? Of course! We are looking at all the details Bendites are interested in. We will be opening in our new space December 1st and we hope to see you in soon! Due to public health concerns, we are opening “online” with a virtual video tour. We hope you join us online to enter to win fabulous prizes such as retail baskets valued at $250+, new services off our menu, and a microblading and microneedling service! The more activities (RSVP to event, watch the tour online, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and Instagram, donate to Adopt-a-Caregiver program), the more times you are entered to win!

– Guassage Facial
– Nano Light
– CBD Gelplane
– Brow Lamination
– Microblading or Powdering (by Bend Brows)
– Micro needling (by Bend Brows)
– Oxygen Therapy (coming soon!)
– Lash Extensions + Refills (coming soon!)
– Botox Injectables (coming soon! by Divine Aesthetics and Wellness)
– Vitamin B injections (coming soon! by Divine Aesthetics and Wellness)